Review: Effective Writing for Army Leaders

Last month (Sep 2015) in Military Review, editor Desirae Gieseman attemptds to redifine the Army writing standard in her article titled Effective Writing for Army Leaders. Ms. Gieseman surely has the chops to address this topic, after all she holds a BA from William Woods University with majors in French, business administration, and economics, and […]

Army Awards Recommendation Processing

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A concise sentence expresses an idea with as few words as possible.

Clear and Concise Sentences

Clear Concise Sentences A sentence consists of an arrangement of words to transmit a thought. The words you select, their clarity, conciseness, and how you arrange them directly affects whether your audience will understand your message. A clear and logical sentence is one that has both coherence and unity. A concise sentence expresses an idea […]

sharpen your understanding of the Army writing style


a. The purpose statement. Open with a short, clear purpose sentence. The purpose statement is not the same as the bottom line. It only tells the reader what to expect when reading the paper. A purpose statement does not tell the reader the conclusion(s) the writer draws. b. Thesis. The bottom line or thesis statement tells your […]

Army soldier writing


a. Accuracy. Your work should represent only essential and accurate facts free of bias or distortion. b. Brevity and completeness. You must keep to essentials. Your writing should be brief and to the point. To cover a subject completely, while keeping the length of the paper to the absolute minimum requires careful analysis and probably […]

Platoon Sergeant description on a Resume

Here is a sample of a resume write-up for platoon sergeant duty: Senior Squad Leader / Platoon Sergeant ( Supervisor / Department Manager ) Served as a squad leader for a 13 man squad and subsequently as a platoon sergeant of 40 personnel. Mentored and maintained accountability of soldiers within the platoon, providing positive guidance […]