TIPS FOR USING Electronic Evaluation System (EES)

All NCOERs with a through date of 1 JAN 2016, will be completed within the EES ( It is STRONGLY recommended that you utilize the PDF-F version of the applicable evaluation forms (DA FORM 2166-9-1 for SGT; DA FORM 2166-9-2 for SSG-1SG/MSG; DA FORM 67-10-1 for O1-O3 and W1-CW2) for drafting an evaluation.  This allows…Continue reading TIPS FOR USING Electronic Evaluation System (EES)


1. Roles for rating officials: Rater: The rater’s primary role is that of evaluation, focusing on performance and performance counseling. Rater will: a. Counsel the rated NCO on his duty performance and professional development at least quarterly throughout the rating period. Define and discuss the duty description for part III of the NCO-ER with the rated NCO during…Continue reading RESPONSIBILITIES AND TIPS FOR RATING OFFICIALS

About Senior Rater Comments

Senior rater bullet comments are mandatory and should focus on potential for promotion, higher level schooling and positions of greater responsibility, but may also address performance, and/or the evaluation rendered by the rater. Senior rater bullet comments must be clear, concise and should reflect the senior rater’s recommendation to promote the NCO “now”, “ahead of” or “with peers”, or…Continue reading About Senior Rater Comments

Senior Rater Bullet Comments

Total Army asset; select for First Sergeant now Consummate professional; promote ahead of peers; consistently performs two pay grades above contemporaries Technically and tactically proficient; discharges duties with complete professionalism Soldier oriented NCO Assign this Sergeant to teach future leaders; West Point, ROTC any NCO academy His knowledge base is superior; potential ins unlimited A…Continue reading Senior Rater Bullet Comments

NCOER Bullets Responsibility & Accountability

Directly responsible for brining the company in compliance with all OSHA, HAZMAT and safety regulations His safety enforcement resulted in accident free training Practiced conservation of supplies and funds which resulted in commendable supply inspections Voluntarily conducted observations to assist fellow AIT instructors to achieve Senior Instructor status Constantly maintained his training aids to standard…Continue reading NCOER Bullets Responsibility & Accountability

NCOER Bullets Training

Trains for readiness and the unexpected Eager to share knowledge and experience; key to his section’s 100 persent operational readiness Developed and implemented a special PT program with 100 percent success Constantly teaches soldiers Proficient trainer Trained and conditioned six soldiers who failed the APFT to pass within four weeks Encouraged a positive training environment…Continue reading NCOER Bullets Training