effective writing


At various times soldiers will have to communicate their intention through writing. Putting our thoughts on paper is important, but just as important is to ensure that what we have written clearly communicates our intentions. Our understanding of “how to” organize our thoughts into coherent sentences and paragraphs can help ensure that we communicate clearly. The…Continue reading PRINCIPLES OF EFFECTIVE STYLE

FY12 Sergeant First Class (SFC) Promotion Selection Board AAR

The FY12 Sergeant First Class (SFC) Promotion Selection Board convened at the Secretariat for DA Selection Boards, Fort Knox, Kentucky, on 31 January 2012 to select the best qualified Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs) for promotion to SFC. Soldiers and NCOs can use this document to plot their own progress, and prepare for future promotion boards. Board Issues and…Continue reading FY12 Sergeant First Class (SFC) Promotion Selection Board AAR

Punctuation — Quotation Marks

Use quotation marks to enclose direct quotations.MacArthur vowed, “I Shall return,” as he left the islands. MacArthur vowed, (quote)”I shall return,“(end quote) as he left the islands. With an interrupted quotation, use quotation marks only around the quoted words.”I heard,” said Amy, “that you passed the course.” (quote)”I heard,“(end quote) said Amy, (quote)”that you passed the course.“(end quote) With…Continue reading Punctuation — Quotation Marks

Punctuation — The Apostrophe, Dash, Hyphen, and Italics

The Apostrophe The apostrophe forms the possessive case of nouns.Mr. Smith’s (apostrophe – s) car Bob Davis’s (apostrophe – s) boat — singular the Davis’ (s – apostrophe) boat — plural the women’s (apostrophe – s) coats — plural father-in-law’s (apostrophe – s) In hyphenated words, add the apostrophe to the last word. Apostrophes show the omission of letters or numerals.do not —…Continue reading Punctuation — The Apostrophe, Dash, Hyphen, and Italics

Punctuation — The Colon and Semicolon

The Colon The colon introduces the following: A list, but only after “as follows,” “the following,” or a noun for which the list is an appositive:Each scout will carry the following: (colon) meals for three days, a survival knife, and his sleeping bag. The company had four new officers: (colon) Bill Smith, Frank Tucker, Peter Fillmore, and Oliver Lewis. A…Continue reading Punctuation — The Colon and Semicolon


1.  Capitalize the first word of every sentence, including quoted sentences.   She (cap) said, “The (cap) work is finished.”   2.  Capitalize the first word of a line of poetry.   “Had (cap) we but world enough, and time, This (cap) coyness, lady, were no crime.”- Andrew Marvell, “To His Coy Mistress”   3.  Capitalize words and phrases used as sentences.   Why?Yes (cap),…Continue reading Capitalization