A concise sentence expresses an idea with as few words as possible.

Clear and Concise Sentences

Clear Concise Sentences A sentence consists of an arrangement of words to transmit a thought. The words you select, their clarity, conciseness, and how you arrange them directly affects whether your audience will understand your message. A clear and logical sentence is one that has both coherence and unity. A concise sentence expresses an idea […]

sharpen your understanding of the Army writing style


a. The purpose statement. Open with a short, clear purpose sentence. The purpose statement is not the same as the bottom line. It only tells the reader what to expect when reading the paper. A purpose statement does not tell the reader the conclusion(s) the writer draws. b. Thesis. The bottom line or thesis statement tells your […]

NCOER Bullets Responsibility & Accountability

Directly responsible for brining the company in compliance with all OSHA, HAZMAT and safety regulations His safety enforcement resulted in accident free training Practiced conservation of supplies and funds which resulted in commendable supply inspections Voluntarily conducted observations to assist fellow AIT instructors to achieve Senior Instructor status Constantly maintained his training aids to standard […]

NCOER Bullet Guidance

Specific bullet examples are mandatory for excellence or needs improvement ratings. Comments must be entered in “bullet” narrative format adhering to: o short, concise, to the point o ideal bullet is one line, but no more than two o no more than one bullet to a line o must double-space between bullets o best bullets start […]

The Soldier Record Brief (SRB)

The Soldier Record Brief (SRB) is a multi-Component report that will be available to users as part of IPPS-A’s first release. The SRB offers HR Professionals, Leaders, and Soldiers centralized access to personnel information online and provides a snapshot of a Soldier’s military career information. The SRB will standardize and eventually replace the Enlisted and […]