Values NCOER bullets

Possesses the moral courage to always do what is right Totally dedicated to unit, mission and soldiers; a credit to the NCO Corps Highly dedicated and professional NCO Always gives 100% to ensure mission accomplishment Exhibits high standards of behavior; a model soldier and extraordinary leader Committed to mission accomplishment Outstanding problem solver; dynamic planner […]

Senior Rater Bullet Comments

Total Army asset; select for First Sergeant now Consummate professional; promote ahead of peers; consistently performs two pay grades above contemporaries Technically and tactically proficient; discharges duties with complete professionalism Soldier oriented NCO Assign this Sergeant to teach future leaders; West Point, ROTC any NCO academy His knowledge base is superior; potential ins unlimited A […]

NCOER Bullets Responsibility & Accountability

Directly responsible for brining the company in compliance with all OSHA, HAZMAT and safety regulations His safety enforcement resulted in accident free training Practiced conservation of supplies and funds which resulted in commendable supply inspections Voluntarily conducted observations to assist fellow AIT instructors to achieve Senior Instructor status Constantly maintained his training aids to standard […]

NCOER Bullets Training

Trains for readiness and the unexpected Eager to share knowledge and experience; key to his section’s 100 persent operational readiness Developed and implemented a special PT program with 100 percent success Constantly teaches soldiers Proficient trainer Trained and conditioned six soldiers who failed the APFT to pass within four weeks Encouraged a positive training environment […]

NCOER Bullets Leadership

A true mission oriented leader Performed leadership duties in a decisive and positive manner with exceptional results Actively leads AIT soldiers physical development and trains to excel in common Task Skills Demanded the best training environment for soldiers; accepted nothing less than quality results Led PT failures to 90 percent first time go on APFT […]

NCOER bullets Fitness & Military Bearing

Presented a professional, soldierly appearance at all times Motivated, enthusiastic NCO who took lead in organized physical fitness training of all soldiers Scored 300 on last APFT Excellent runner, ran two miles in 12 minutes Excellent physical condition; led advanced PT during physical training Platoon achieved 100% first time pass rate on APFT for two […]

NCOER Bullets Competence

Commended by the Battalion Commander for his Leaderbook; now used as an example for others to follow Received I Corps CSM coin for excellence Outstanding Battle Staff skills; key to success of platoon and company operations Chosen as Observer Controller to assist a FSB which resulted in a successful JRTC rotation Task oriented and detail […]

Training NCOER Bullets (Success)

· instituted the first ever tactical lane training for the CI platoon, enabling 15 individuals tasks to be trained in one event · trains his section to completely accomplish any and all tasks assigned · established rapport and battle rhythm with training area headquarters to enable execution of Squadron air and ground gunnery · builds a winning attitude through tough and realistic training · extremely adept at preparing his section for professional and technical excellence · developed training materials that enhance the soldier’s performance and duty related skills · continually sought after by subordinates and superiors throughout the BCT as the sole point of contact for counterintelligence related issues · fostered a positive work environment by unselfishly sharing insight and knowledge with seniors, peers, and subordinates · integrated two Soldiers into a newly created analytical contingency operations team through mentorship and training · trained all S2 personnel in information security operations resulting in zero security violations · completed Interrogation Certification Training; was instrumental in preparing two new interrogators to effectively operate in the austere conditions of Eastern Baghdad · continually trained peers and subordinates how to detect, report, and prevent SCI security violations resulting in zero deficiencies · successfully completed the Contracting Officer’s Representative Course · trained 15 battalion-level interpreter managers in all aspects of the BCT Commander’s newly established policies and procedures · consistently placed mission first, personal interests second · instructed three analysts on targets and tools to track them; info sources, systems procedures, equipment operation, he knew it all · developed and executed outstanding company-level decon training during company FTX in OCT 99 · selected as Instructor of the Cycle over 8 other instructors · mentored the brigade Soldier of the Quarter and second runner-up for two quarters · understands the Army Campaign, training guidance and resource constraints effects on training · trained ten personnel to a high level of proficiency before they were entrusted to work without supervision · eager to share knowledge and insight; continually sought out by peers and subordinates because of his vast intelligence experience and knowledge · spent considerable time and effort passing knowledge and experience on to others · continually trained peers and subordinates to accomplish the Brigade’s critical personnel security mission during her absence · tactical and technical proficiency a real asset for Soldier development · integrated and trained two senior NCOs on all facets of intelligence operations preventing any mission degradation during vital periods of personnel absences · continually sought after and respected by subordinates and superiors throughout the BCT as an insurgency subject matter expert · successfully completed the Movement Control Specialist Course and was on the Commandant’s List · superbly executed support to the division level Warfighter training events · ensured imagery analysts acquired critical skills by coordinating for two separate TDY training events at National Intelligence Agencies prior to deployment · designed and initiated a new briefing standard for the commander; significant events affecting regional areas conveyed immediately · consistently strives to streamline all operational areas to increase the overall efficiency of the organization · performed quality control measures on all outgoing intelligence products preventing potential security violations · relied upon constantly to conduct the most difficult training; the best trainer in the section · trained the NCO leadership of five Forward Support Battalions and one Support Squadron improving overall tactical proficiency · established a 76Y training plan that greatly increased job performance from subordinates · eager to share knowledge and insight; encouraged Soldiers to strive for excellence · integrated Soldier into newly created production team through mentorship and training · trained three junior analysts on how to analyze, research, and then produce all-source intel products using a wide range of sophisticated automated systems during NTC · implemented Warrior Skills training resulting in a casualty free deployment · supervised the company’s M16A2 zero range which resulted in 100% of all firing Soldiers to zero their weapons on their first attempt · dedicated to the betterment of all mission facets by continually passing knowledge and insight onto peers and superiors · professionally conducted OPSEC and SAEDA training for five combat maneuver battalions, several military and police transition teams, and 8 tactical HUMINT teams> · continually developed methods to teach peers how to detect, report, and prevent security violations resulting in no deficiencies · fostered a positive work environment by unselfishly sharing knowledge and insight with seniors, peers, and subordinates · possessed an innate ability to bring out the best effort of her Soldiers during training · commended by the Division Command Sergeant Major for superb performance during Sergeant’s Time Training · trained three new junior analysts how to analyze, research, and write tailored intel products for a four-star theater commander · as a small group leader his students maintained an academic average of 93% without any failures · trained junior imagery analyst on the Imagery Work Station ensuring high quality imagery support for operations in her absence · possessed an innate ability to develop and empower his subordinates; resulted in the promotion of five Soldiers and the promotion of two Soldiers to Sergeant · varied training techniques creatively during training events; resulted in an increased training value and the detachment meeting pre-deployment training requirements · successfully incorporated AARs from supported brigades and convoy commander’s into everyday operations; resulted in more efficient, accurate, and safer operations · served as the leading element during the planning and implementing of new operational and management procedures within the detachment · cross trained Soldiers to ensure redundancy while balancing mission requirements, force protection, and crew rest through a 15-month deployment […]

Responsibility & Accountability NCOER Bullets (Excellence)

· created tracking spreadsheet on over 50 separate items of classified electronic media · coordinated the movement of 184,000 pounds of equipment worth over $2.5 million maintaining 100 percent accountability · executed eight squad and platoon live fire exercises, without injury or damage · expertly managed section’s supplies, decreasing discard by 90% over previous year and saving the department over $65,000 · scored excellent on Maintenance Inspection Assistance Team Inspection visit · commended by V Corps Arty CSM as standard for “Quality of Life” environment for single soldier billeting area · accumulated over 18,000 accident/incident free miles while driving throughout Central Germany and the Benelux countries · under his leadership the battalion received a 99.6 on the post energy conservation inspection · planned, coordinated and supervised the transfer of $500,000 of equipment from 9th MP Co to 170th MP Co · developed a system to monitor SSSC account which will save thousands of dollars · eliminated obsolete parts and unnecessary depot storage requirements, creating an annual savings of $25K · received Army Motor Vehicle Driver Safety Award for accident free operation in a demanding environment · set up and controlled a 300 line POL valued at $62,000 during Operation Desert Storm · decreased supply spending by 1 million dollars through precision troubleshooting procedures · instrumental in achieving 99% of quarters occupied, exceeding the DA and TRADOC goal · reduced the shop backlog from a high of 176 jobs to a low of 58 jobs within a three month period · her emphasis on maintenance and logistics excellence led her unit to the Army Signal Command Supply of Excellence competition · created a TACCS paper recycling program which saved thousand of dollars annuall · one out of three instructors awarded Post Safety Certificate for outstanding achievement in accident prevention · his section received commendable ratings from the Group Headquarters during the Battalion Command Inspection · maintained 56 computer systems of varying types worth $160,339 at an operational readiness rate of 99% · his emphasis on ammunition accountability and forecasting has allowed 100% ammo expenditure for FY 89 · was responsible for 16 pieces of engineer equipment which received commendable rating s during the AGI · manufactured X-Ray darkroom at no cost to the Army to provide film processing capabilities for the hospital · his battalion has exceeded DA standards on AH-64 readiness in past 12 months, 8 in combat · his quick response during a vehicle incident prevented serious injury to another Soldier · her emphasis on safety resulted in the unit having over “364 days” of accident-free and no DUI-related incidents · assumed the duties of assignment manager on short notice; corrected 24-month backlog of administrative paperwork · earned battalion safety recognition for driving 50,000 accident-free miles · his emphasis on maintenance resulted in unit placing second in the DA-level competition for the Army Award for Maintenance Excellence · developed a platoon maintenance training program that resulted in a 95% operational readiness rate · received brigade commander’s coin for outstanding maintenance of seven tanks during a brigade command inspection · her squad was always number one in the company in all unit inspections and CTA 50 layouts · was the key to battalion receiving $190,000 for motor pool renovation to establish the corps standard · managed $1.7 million worth of equipment at four separate work sites on the installation · formulated an $118,000 budge to meet all of MTMC Europe demands for training · ensured his divisional units were manned at 100% 4 months prior to the deadline established by the Chief of Staff of the Army · accounted for property book valued at over $20 million · instrumental in the recovery, accountability, and turn in of 37 tanks left by a previous rotation at NTC · his emphasis on motor stables and equipment maintenance resulted in winning the USAREUR Army Award for Maintenance Excellence · emphasis on safety resulted in 73 soldiers receiving Division safe driving award and 40 Army drivers badges · successfully redistributed over five million dollars of equipment filling out unit shortages in the Army Reserve Command · directly responsible for the Troop achieving a zero late status for NCO-ERs and OERs · maintained accountability of $700,000 worth of MTO&E during deployment to JRTC training area · attention to safety enabled squad to complete NTC, TOW II Study, and Hell’s Forge with no injuries · implemented a maintenance program which improved vehicle readiness from 68% to 99% · reduced superfluous maintenance contracts resulting in a cost savings of over $7,000 to the government · maintained accountability for $8.1 million on six different property hand receipts · found and corrected a flaw in recoverable exchange procedures, resulting in a savings of $8,000 · emphasis on safety resulted in 9 Soldiers receiving the Army Motor Vehicle Safety Award · maintained 100% accountability of all convoys inbound, outbound and staged at CSC Cedar II, Iraq; exceeded 800 trucks daily · maintained 100% of all equipment assigned to the TOC; exceeded $55,000 of which $38,900 was classified as sensitive items or Secret · maintained strict accountability without incident of $1,000,000 worth of organizational equipment while deployed in the Iraq Theater of Operations · ensured that his Soldiers understood IDF battle drills; resulted in zero casualties during a 15-month deployment on the most targeted FOB in MND-B · his emphasis on safety resulted in his squad logging over 2,000 accident-free miles during NTC Rotation 06-08 […]